Staff at Denholme Primary School

We want our school to be a happy and safe community which provides the foundations for lifelong learning by developing creative, resilient, aspirational learners ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Headteacher Mr Malcolm Campbell  
Deputy Head Mrs Helen Fox   

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Jayne Wilcox (SENCo)


Teaching Staff Miss I Batool (Y3 Thurs)  
  Mrs Janet Clay (The Orchard)  
Mrs Louise Cleary (Year 1)  
Miss Zoe Hartnett (Year 2 - Mon to Wed)  
  Mrs Jenny Knighton (Year 3 - Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri)  
Mrs Kim Lane (Year 6)  
  Mrs Emma Pierce (Reception Class)  
  Miss Karen Reilly (Year 2 - Thurs & Fri)  
Mrs Tracy Whitaker (Year 5)
  Mrs Charlotte Wright (Nursery)  
Miss Georgina Wrightson (Year 4)  
Support Staff Miss Luthfa Begum
  Miss Sophia Bull  
Mrs Mandy Clark  
  Mrs Jayne Cooper  
Mrs Allison Drake  
  Mrs Deborah Gentleman  
Mrs Catherine Heald
Miss Rebecca Hutton  
Mrs Julia Kirk  
  Miss Jade Knowles  
  Mrs Grace Ley  
  Miss Rebecca Riley  
Miss Ingrid Rusch  
  Mrs Donna Shaw  
  Miss Karen Shimbles  
  Mrs Zoe Stephens  
School Administrator Mrs Alexandra Simpson  

Family Inclusion Mentor

Mrs Bobo Malik

Site Manager Mr Mark Linley  
Cleaning Staff Mrs Patricia Haunch  
  Mrs Deborah Wareham  
  Mrs Rebekah Pont  
Kitchen Staff Mrs Gillian Freemantle  
  Miss Sally Masterson  
  Mrs Rebekah Pont   
  Mrs Debbie Wareham  
Denholme PLUS Staff  Miss Marie Feaviour (Manager)  
 Miss Sophia Bull  
   Miss Hollie Tough  
Updated Nov 2018