Laurel - Year 6


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                                                                                       Teacher - Mrs Lane

                                             Supported by Mrs Clark.


 Welcome to Year 6 

Autumn term 2019 

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 We hope you have had a brilliant summer and are now ready to learn !

Our topic for this term is Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.


We start the year by entering the fascinating world of the Dragonologists. Using Dr Ernest Drake's Compendium of Dragons we will delve into the life of these amazing creatures. We will imagine our own dragons - from their appearance, to habitat,to special features- before developing the skills to write descriptions, reports, explanations and letters about our creations !These writing outcomes will also provide the focus for consolidating our understanding of key grammar terms as well as an opportunity to learn new ones.

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Poetry will be our next focus and in keeping with our beastly theme we will venture into the woods to face Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. We will develop this text to write our own prose version of the encounter between boy and beast.

Viper skills (vocabulary,inference,prediction,explanation and retrieval) will be taught explicitly in daily English lessons, discrete whole class guided sessions and during Theme/ Science time. It is really important in Year 6 that the children read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction to develop and extend their vocabulary range and writing skills. 

Spellings will be tested every two weeks and it is the children's responsibility to enter these into their planners and be ready for any class tests. We will start by re-visiting the key year 3/4 spelling lists before moving on to year 5/6 words- all of these lists can be found in the planners. New rules will also be explicitly taught and the children encouraged to become more independent spellers and editors of their own work.


Place value within 10,000,000 is our first focus. This is a key area of understanding as the number sense the children develop now will support their learning throughout the year.We will learn to read and write numbers fluently, identify their place value, find them on number lines and solve problems in real-life contexts. Comparing, ordering and rounding will also be taught. We will then look at our knowledge of using formal written methods for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and have experience of solving word stories.

Year 6 will also have weekly mental maths sessions to develop our fluency and accuracy.Our key instant recall fact for this term is using times table facts to multiply and divide ( including decimals).


Our theme will be the very topical rainforests. We will follow two lines of enquiry - one for each 

half term :

Why should we protect the rainforests ?

Why and how did the Mayan Empire grow to become so important ?


Year 6 will start their Science journey thinking about living things and their habitats. We will work to understand how living things are grouped-looking at characteristics, similarities and differences.

Through discussion and exploration of habitats (including the rainforests) we will try to give reasons for why and how we classify. We will also explore the work of key scientists in this field such as Charles Linnaeus.


P.E for Year 6 is Monday afternoon and where possible this term will take place outside,as the focus is games.This year all children in school will be provided with a brand new PE kit. This will be kept in school and washed regularly by the class teacher.This means all children will have a kit in school every session and will be able to take part in every PE lesson. We just ask that you provide your child with a pair of pumps or trainers.


Homework for the first half term will be a creative piece independently chosen from a list of suggested ideas and based on the rainforests. Following this the children will be working from weekly homework books, to prepare them for the tests they will sit in May 2020.

In addition planners also contain the key arithmetic aspects children can work on to improve maths fluency, as well as spelling lists. All the children now have a log in for Spelling Shed, which they can work on at home. Times Table Rock Stars has proved very popular in school and is also something the children can access at home.

If you do have any questions or concerns about how your child is progressing at school please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can place a message in your child's planner,leave a message with the school office or see us at the end of the day, if you are collecting your child. 

Thank you

Year 6 team.