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Laurel - Year 6 


                                               Mrs Whitaker, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Shaw



Summer Term


We will be using The Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo to further develop our reading comprehension as well as to generate a range of writing outcomes, including a newspaper report and a diary entry. 

                                   The Giant's Necklace - a thrilling ghost story from Michael Morpurgo                                                                     

During our Guided Reading lessons, we will use a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to build our understanding of author's purpose and to prepare for the types of text children will encounter in secondary school. A further element to our learning will be to build our understanding of more adventurous and descriptive vocabulary. 


Ratio and proportion will be studied during the first few weeks of the Summer term. The concept of ratio is used in many daily activities such as cooking, using maps or reading scale drawings. During this unit, children will find missing values using ratio and solve ratio problems involving percentages and multiplication and division. Children will also draw different shapes to a given scale factor. Our KIRF for this half-term is converting between decimals, fractions and percentages. Times tables and mental arithmetic will be practised daily. 


Our science topic is electricity. Building on the work they did in Year 4, children will constuct simple circuits to help them to answer questions about what happens when they try different components, for example, switches, bulbs, buzzers and motors.They will also learn how to represent a simple circuit in a diagram using recognised symbols.



Our final topic is international trade. Children will initially recognise that the UK cannot produce all it needs/wants and that natural resources are distributed differently across the world. After briefly considering the history of trade, children will consider how products are part of a global supply chain and go through different stages of production in different countries. The advantages and disadvantages of globilisation will be discussed and whether fairtrade products should be encouraged. Finally what the UK exports will be analysed. 



P.E. will be on a Friday afternoon. It will be taking place mostly outside this half term, with the focus on hockey. We will be using the running track daily and getting outside for fresh air as much as possible, so please ensure children have suitable footwear. 

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