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      Mrs Lane, Mrs Clark and Mr Price.


 Welcome to Year 6 

                          Hello Year 6 

Work ideas for July the 6th ! Last work week !


This week is all about angles and being able to calculate them in triangles, quadrilaterals and other polygons. This is where we were when school closed so you have already covered the Purple Mash work, as it was some of the first home learning. As I result I have added 2Dos on statistics and probability as well as new work to Education City.


In school we have started reading the book Boy 87 by Ele Fountain. Bradford is using this as a transition book meaning you will start it in Year 6 and hopefully continue working on it in Year 7 at your new schools.By now everyone at home should have a copy so this week......just read !! Maybe discuss the ideas and themes in the book with someone at home- what do you think of the character of Shif ? How would you feel in his position ? Which other characters made an impression on you ?


This week is a chance to find out about the story of life on Earth over millions of years.Watch David Attenborough describe the tree of life at

Which group of animals interests you the most ? Research and decide on your most interesting or unusual facts.

Why not use the 2Quiz app to challenge the rest of the class - at home or in school !

Nearly the holidays !!

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Work ideas for June 29th !


This week White Rose 

is looking at ratio, scaling and proportion problems. I have added new tasks

linking to this to Education City. Your 2Dos on Purple Mash are more of a

mixture this week combining co-ordinates and scaling shapes.



Updated reading and spelling tasks on Purple Mash. 

Below is a great film I have used with previous year groups to develop

story writing. It provides you with the opportunity to create atmosphere and

build a great character in the lighthouse keeper.


This week is all about Evolution- the process by which living things have developed from other living things over time.

Watch and learn at

Can you find out about the work of all or one of the following scientists linked to this area of Science ?

Charles Darwin

Mary Anning

Alfred Wallace

There are templates to record your research and give you some key pointers on Purple Mash for Darwin and Anning. Alternatively you could use a blank leaflet or What I have found out template.

There is also a lesson all about the Galapagas islands on Bitesize this week which will help with your research.



Have you seen the French lessons on Bitesize ? Why not try to learn the days of the week, months of the year or the time.

Have a lovely week.

Work ideas for 22nd June


Bit of a different week this week as some of you are completing the activities in

class and others at home- I will try not to get the groups mixed up !

Maths is moving on to look at calculating area and perimeter- this is definitely a 

subject you have worked on before so should be good revision. There is also

a day on calculating the volume of a cuboid. Don't forget the daily Bitesize

lessons which give helpful hints, prompts and video links.

I have added new activities to your 2Dos , as well as a few tasks around 

negative and prime numbers.

Some of you still have shape tasks to complete on Education City so give these a

go if you can.


Spelling and reading updated.

In class we have been reading a book called Can I Build Another Me ?

You can watch and listen at

Why not try designing your own favourite pages from the book using facts about yourself.

So far we have created an About my face and body page and a Things I Can and Can't do page. Try and draw in the style of the illustrator and only use a

few particular colours, just like he does. 


What is a fossil ?

Use the Purple Mash template to explore the stages of fossilisation ( you need to click the more icon to read up first ). I have also added a fossil fact file template so you can carry out further research as not all fossils are formed in the same way. Can you find the difference between a trace fossil and a cast fossil for example ?

Have a good week everyone.

Work ideas for 15th June


How did you get on with the algebra rules and equations last week ? This week

sees two more days looking at equations and pair values before moving on to 


I have added measures task to both Purple Mash and Education City for you. 


New reading and spelling tasks on Purple Mash. At the moment I am writing 

your school reports so I thought you could help me out by sharing your own 

thoughts on what I should say!! I have added a template onto Purple Mash -

should make interesting reading !

Anyone read a good book recently ? - let me know using the book review


or write a quick review onto the blog. 


Can you design an extreme survivor ?

Most environments, however extreme have some form of life in them.


First decide on an environment (desert, high mountain, rainforest, ocean.......) -

then design a plant and an animal which could 

survive there - the idea is to think carefully about the characteristics it will


What will it eat and drink or how will it take in nutrients ?

How will it escape predators or catch prey ?

Does it require shelter ?

Does your animal live in a colony or group or is it solitary ?

Does it have any other special features which allow it to survive in a hot/cold 

climate ?

Email your labelled drawings.

Have a good week !

Work ideas for 8th June 2020


White Rose is moving on to look at algebra this week. 

I know this is a topic we

haven't covered in class, but one you were all keen to try ( well some of you!)

 Look carefully at the supporting Bitesize and White Rose

videos( especially their use of visual supports ),use your CGP

book for extra practice and remember this will definitely be covered again at KS3 

so just give it a go ! A function machine is just a diagram which takes a starting

number, called an input, applies a certain rule or formula and delivers the answer

called an output.

As Purple Mash has very few resources to support you here I have added algebra

tasks to Education City this week and will email the work sheets as usual.

I have however added a couple of time activities as 2Dos just for something



2 new chapters added to Purple Mash as well as a character description activity

and a new set of spellings.

Why not write or record a memory of your time at Denholme Primary - it can be from any

year group, funny or otherwise. You could email me your well edited piece of

writing or send me a video.  


Charles Darwin Quotes - eLearningworld

This week is all about the word adaptation.

If you google fox types you will find over 37. Why so many ?

They have adapted to live in different environments- certain

characteristics become more common because they help them survive ( coat

colour, larger ears, size).

Look at

Now try researching one of the following animals which have adapted to live in

different places around the world - otters, squirrels, bats, deer, wild cats, bears.

Show me what you found out using the leaflet template on Purple Mash. Don't 

forget the leaflet has a front, inside and back section !

If you would like to try something creative look at

or draw or make something on the theme of oceans.

world oceans day resources

Have a good week 


Work ideas for 3rd June 2020- I will update again for Monday.


Another week's worth of fractions, decimals and percentages to be found


I know this is a 3 day week due to our holiday but do what you can or want to !

As always there are daily links on Bitesize to point you in the right direction.

There are fewer tasks on Purple Mash linked to all three areas so I have added

2Dos based just on decimals as well. 


Reading and spelling tasks are updated for you on Purple Mash.

I would also recommend 

a great set of ideas leading to you creating your own superhero character.



Our new topic this term is the grandly titled Evolution and Inheritance !

Do all humans look the same ?

Do siblings look the same ?

No but they can look similar- we call this variation. They may have similar 

characteristics ( hair or eye colour for example.)

Some of these characteristics come from our parents and others 

from our environment ( lifestyle.)