Laurel - Year 6


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                                                                                                  Teacher - Mrs Lane

            Supported by Mrs Cooper, Miss Rusch, Miss Richardson and Miss Hutton.


Welcome to Year 6 

Summer Term

Welcome to a busy term for Laurel class. 13th of May is SAT week. The children have really worked hard to prepare themselves for this and I am already proud of their attitude and focus. Early nights and a positive attitude that week Year 6 !

Dates for your Diary.

Thursday May 9th- Parent meeting for London. Year 6 classroom- straight after school.

13th to 16th of May- SATs week.

Thursday 23rd May - Laurel class visit to London.

Wednesday 3rd July - transition day for the majority of our children.

Friday 12th July - Leavers' assembly. School Hall 9.10


Following test week focus will turn to our extended writing. We will be using a variety of stimuli including StormBreaker by Anthony Horowitz, our visit to London and a short film called The Light House. Hopefully these will inspire us to produce some fantastic pieces of writing.

Spellings will continue to be tested every two weeks and it is the children's responsibility to enter these into their planners and be ready for any class tests. We will start by re-visiting the key year 3/4 spelling lists before moving on to year 5/6 words- all of these lists can be found in planners. New rules will also be explicitly taught and the children encouraged to become more independent spellers and editors of their own work.



 We will start the term with a two week revision plan, based on what the children feel is important to them before the tests. Following the tests, we will then start to prepare for the move to KS3 with geometry, algebra and problem solving to be tackled.


Our topic for this term is London. We begin by looking at the geography and landmarks of the modern capital city we know today, before moving back in time to study the impact of both the Great Plague and World War 2 on this city. We will consider the impact these events had on the people, culture and physical geography of London.


We will be studying the topic of Evolution and Inheritance, looking at how living things have changed over time and the role fossils play in teaching us about what inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. Time will also be spent considering how plants and animals are adapted to suit their environment and how adaptation may lead to evolution.


During the beginning of this term homework will continue to be set from the books the children brought home before the Christmas holidays.This will run Wednesday to Wednesday, with class time where children can mark their work and ask any questions which arise. I will try ( where possible ) to link the homework to what we are studying in class that week. Any problems and the children know they can ask any member of the Year 6 team for help or reassurance.

Planners also contain the key arithmetic aspects children can work on to improve maths fluency, as well as spelling lists. All the children now have a log in for Spelling Shed, which they can work on at home. Times Table Rock Stars has proved very popular in school and is also something the children can access at home.We would encourage the children to develop and widen their reading choices, both fiction and non-fiction.


P.E for Year 6 is Monday afternoon and where possible this term will take place outside,as the focus is games. It is really important the children have both indoor and outdoor kit ( see planner ) to allow them to take a full and active part in this important lesson. It is also preparing them for the transition to secondary school where more than one kit will be required !

If you do have any questions or concerns about how your child is progressing at school please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can place a message in your child's planner or send a message to the school office. Please ensure planners are signed over the weekend, ready for Monday morning.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Lane.