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Denholme Primary School

Happy Learners High Achievers

Welcome to Beech Class

Year 5

Autumn term

Class teacher- Mrs Lane

Supported by Mrs Phelps

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At the moment our PE Lessons will be Mondays and Tuesdays

Please come dressed for an outdoor lesson on these days.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned the 

following Wednesday. All instructions will be given in your

homework book. This will include a set of spellings which will be 

tested weekly. Please remember there are many ways to learn these

words and it is important to find what works for you - writing

words out, saying them aloud, underlining the tricky parts of the word

finding words within words, using mnemonics.


This term we start with The Amazing Flying Books of Mr Morris

Lessmore. We will use this lovely story to help us to write

brilliant and precise 

descriptions and then our own fantasy story.

Following this we will use stories and extracts from The Visitors Guide

to Ancient Greece to provide us with ideas for a persuasive leaflet.

The second part of the term will see us reading The Highwayman poem

before trying to write a few verses of our own. Finally a lovely end

to the Autumn term when we will write Raymond Briggs The 

Snowman from the perspective of the snowman himself !

We will learn how to use adverbials to link ideas, how to use modal verbs to show possibility in our writing and how to use relative pronouns when creating relative clause sentences.

BBC bitesize is a brilliant resource to help you to get to grips with these grammar terms.


We will start the term with consolidating and further developing our

understanding of place value in numbers up to a million. We will be using

concrete, abstract and pictorial resources to support us with rounding,

comparing and ordering numbers

and exploring Roman numerals to 1,000. 

Our Key Recall Fact for this half term is to know our multiplication and

division facts up to 12 x 12 - easy !! We will then move on to using 

formal written columnar methods to add and subtract larger numbers.

We will be using and developing our reasoning skills throughout these

lessons working through problems as a class, with our partners and 


See the source image


Ancient Greece is our destination this term. We will explore where Greece is and its key physical and human features, who the Ancient Greeks were and how they lived compared to today. We will look in detail at the city states of Athens and Sparta before researching the many ways Ancient Greece changed the world.


In our Living things and their habitats unit we will be learning how flowering and non-flowering plants reproduce before looking at the lifecycles of different amphibians, insects, mammals and birds. We will then think about how humans change over their life cycle !

Jigsaw logo with puzzle pieces integrated into the text and the slogan a mindful approach to PSHE

Our PSHE focus for the first half term will be Being Me in my World-  through discussion, activities and reflection we will think about rewards and consequences, understand how an individual's behaviour can impact the group and look at the power of democracy.