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Denholme Primary School

Happy Learners High Achievers

Welcome to Beech Class

Year 5

Spring term

Class teacher- Mrs Lane

Supported by Mrs Phelps

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This term our PE lessons will be Thursdays and Fridays on alternate


Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned the 

following Wednesday. All instructions will be given in your

homework book. This will include a set of spellings which will be 

tested weekly. Please remember there are many ways to learn these

words and it is important to find what works for you - writing

words out, saying them aloud, underlining the tricky parts of the word

finding words within words, using mnemonics.


Our focus this term will be on improving our punctuation, varying our

sentence openers and sentence structures and becoming more independent

when editing and improving.Our first writing outcome will be based on the

opening chapter of the brilliant The Nowhere Emporium by Ross

McKenzie. What will Daniel find in the shop which has suddenly appeared

in his town ?

Following this we will be looking at the key features of explanation texts 

and writing our own.

How are volcanoes formed ?

How to survive an alien invasion ?!


We are looking at calculating with fractions, learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and those which are multiples. We will work as a class and individually to learn how to approach and answer one and two step fraction problems. The children will then develop their ability to use formal written methods for multiplication and division. 

Our starters this term will focus on times tables - we will investigate the key facts for a table before practising quick fire questions. We will also be working on regular mental maths quizzes to try and improve the speed and accuracy of our mental calculations.


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We start by travelling into the Earth's core to discover how our planet was formed before studying tectonic plates before finding our how these allowed mountains and volcanoes to be created created. We will also be looking at the power of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. The children will discuss and debate why people choose to live near volcanoes and create fact files and explanation texts.


The first half term is all about forces - we will carry out a series of investigations to look at the effects of gravity, air and water resistance and friction. We will also be harnessing the power of levers, gears and pulleys to show how a smaller force can be used to greater effect. 

In the second half term we look to space ! We will learn to describe the movement of the Earth relative to the sun and the moon relative to the Earth. We will also learn why we have day and night and the seasons.

Jigsaw logo with puzzle pieces integrated into the text and the slogan a mindful approach to PSHE

Our PSHE focus for the first half term will be Dreams and Goals-  through discussion, activities and reflection we will think about future aspirations and how we can encourage others with theirs.