Welcome to Rowan Class - Year 1


                                              Class Teacher - Mrs Cleary 

                      Teaching Assistant   - Mrs Phelps         PPA Cover - Mrs Kirk - Friday pm

Hello Rowan Class, I hope you have all had a good week.

It has been lovely to welcome some more of you back to school this week and to hear all your news and see your smiling faces and even though our classroom looks very different everyone has settled back into the school routine brilliantly.Well done!

It has also been lovely to catch up with some of you on the telephone and to hear all about what you have been doing.


Well done to those of you who have been using Purple Mash/Education City/Bug Club and or doing other super learning. I will still be setting work for those of you who are still at home, so make sure you have a look.

Remember you can message each other on our class blog on Purple Mash, as I know you are all missing each other and I am missing you all too! Enjoy doing some inside and safe outside learning this week. 

Emily's Maths Work! 

Fantastic use of the words column and rows Emily! 

Look at what you have sent in for our art challenge! They're fantastic!



Have a look at all the amazing things we have been up to. Isabella has found an empty bird egg and she made a nest for it. 


W/C 06.07.20

I have set some work for the coming week on Purple Mash/Education City, there are lots of daily suggestions of activities. Please do what you can, I do not expect you to be in front of the laptop/tablet all day everyday - little and often but I would like you to have a go. It is important you have daily exercise and do other activities.

Scroll down and I have also added some other ideas for you to try during the week ahead.

Remember to keep reading - lots and lots. Bug club is a great resource available to us. Please keep in touch and if there is anything I can help with just send me an email. Enjoy the activities, stay safe and we will see each other soon.

BBC Bitesize, as ever has daily English and Maths lessons starting at 9.00am. This week it is Fractions.The maths will be linked to white rose maths (I have emailed corresponding worksheets as they will no longer be available on line):



There are activities linked to the lessons on Purple Mash and Education City.

Please be aware that all these websites are external to the school and we are not responsible for their content or advertising.



Read a chapter a day of 'Ned and The Three Bears' and complete the activities that go with it- PM.

CGP English comprehension book to end (Not everyone will have a copy of this booklet).

Spelling Assessment -EC

 Speech bubble thoughts - PM

Think it starting a story -EC

Amazing words - EC

Kuko Run-EC

Think it Asking Questions -EC

Sunken Treasure, story writing - EC Can you have a go at writing your own story?

Stig's Spelling Adventure - EC

Stig's Tree Adventure - EC

Why not listen to a story read by David Walliams? Daily at eleven o' clock.



Phonics -

Daily phonics lessons - 'Letters and Sounds for home and school'. On you tube with lots of famous celebrities to help. (We are a week behind now because of the holiday). We are looking at lessons 46 - 50 this week.

Please take a look every day. There are follow up activities for some of the lessons on Purple Mash and/or Education CityIt will be useful to watch reception lessons as a reminder.



This week Yr 1:                                                                   

Monday 6th July: Lesson 46 - oa - boat, o - go, o-e - stone, ow - snow, ou - shoulder 

Tuesday 7th July: Lesson 47 - se - cheese

Wednesday 8th July: Lesson 48 - tch - kitchen

Thursday 9thJuly: Lesson 49 - se - horse

Friday 10th July: Lesson 50 - Review 



Monday 6th July: Lesson 46 - Review

Tuesday 7th July: Lesson 47 - Review 

Wednesday 8th July: Lesson 48 - Review

Thursday 9th July: Lesson 49 - Review 

Friday 10th July: Lesson 50 - Review



Bitesize daily maths


White Rose Maths lessons. (activity sheets emailed).


CGP Book P32-35

Chop it up -EC

Half Baked -EC

Half your cake -EC

Banana Split -EC

Coins pairs game -PM

Money up to 10p/20p-PM

Calculating change - PM

Shop money -PM

Money up to 50p/£1 -PM

Moo-vin on up -EC

Mrs Cow's Milk - EC

Addition and subtraction problems - PM

Sharing stickers - EC

Caring is sharing -EC

Seeing spots -EC

Doubling- EC

Double the fun - EC


Science - Our new topic is Plants.

Animals including Humans - What can you remember?  Take the test!-EC

Flower labelling game - PM

Plant labelling -PM

Plants and Plates - EC

Flora facts - EC

Pick a tomato - EC

Flora Explorer, common plants. -EC

Plant activities - PM

Watch Steve Backshall at 9.30am each morning, lots of information about animals.



Please be aware that all these websites are external to the school and we are not responsible for their content or advertising.


Have a go at one of the sensational science challenges



What do you think is going to happen? Make a prediction.

What were the results?

How could you record your results?


    Some other ideas that you might like to try to keep busy:

    cosmic kids yoga on youtube will help keep you fit and healthy and Joe Wicks daily work out is also good fun.




    Write a diary about a day at home.

    Draw your favourite toy and write a description of it.

    Write a story about your favourite toy.

    Do some cooking or play a game and write some instructions.

    Practise spelling tricky words.

    Practise writing tricky words in a sentence.

    Have a teddy bear's picnic, draw and label what you packed.

    Play I Spy.

    Write some sentences using the conjunctions 'and' 'because'.

    Collect some leaves, paint them and print them onto paper. Do you know what the trees are called that they came from?

    Collect some sticks and use them to spell your name, make letters and numbers.

    Draw a famous landmark in the UK and write about it.

    Write some questions with question marks to ask someone.

    Write a menu for mealtime and play restaurants.

    Write about your favourite animal.

    Choose a letter and practise your letter formation then write some words with that letter.

    Practise writing the days and the months of the year.

     Write a description of a character you have seen in a book or film.

    Write your own set of instructions to explain how to:

    Wash your hands

    Make lunch

    Tidy your bedroom

    Bake a cake

    Clean your teeth


    Practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

    Choose a number and count on and back orally.

    Choose a number and write it,continue the sequence forwards and backwards.

    Practise playing shops and using money (wash coins first) to find totals and change. Draw around the coins and write their values.

    Play a number bond game with someone to practise all number bonds to and within 20. Write the number sentences.

    Go on a shape hunt around the house or outside if you can safely do this.

    Practise telling the time,use O'Clock and half past.

    Investigate how many ways you can make 10 using 2 numbers.

    How many ways can you find to make 20p?

    Practise writing numbers in words and spelling them correctly.

    Play maths game at https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

    Follow a recipe and weigh the ingredients.

    Draw a 100 square and fill it in.

    Choose 5 numbers up to 10 or 20. How many addition/subtraction sums can you build using them?

    Use a ruler to measure objects around your house. How many (cm) long are they? Record your findings.

    Go on a shape hunt in your house. What 2D and 3D shapes can you find? Use a tally chart to record your findings. What shape was the most common? Can you draw a picture or build a tower using these shapes?

    Can you make some 2D and 3D shapes using materials in your home? Pencils, sticks, straws or Lego are great for this challenge. Maybe you could take photos when you have done it.


    Go on 'phonics play' and play some of the games.

    Practise your phoneme recognition using your phonics mats.

    Make a list of words for each phoneme.

    Write alien words using the diagraphs on your phonics mat.

    Choose a phoneme from your phonics mat and write some real and alien words with it.

    Ask an adult to write 9 words with phonic sounds and play bingo with them.

    Read a book daily.

    Ask an adult to write you some phonics words and teach them how to use sound buttons.


    Look for signs of spring and keep a record. Draw and write about what you see.

    Look for a spring plant, draw and label the parts.

    Make a colour wheel from objects around your house. Could be blue things, red things etc. Take a picture and send it to rowanclass@denholmeprimary.co.uk

    Keep a daily weather chart.

    Go on a material hunt in your house and record your findings.

    Practise writing your address.

    Build a bird feeder or bird house out of re-cycled materials such as an old cardboard box, tins or milk cartons.

    Look at Vincent Van Gogh's famous sunflower painting. Try to copy it by using paint, chalk or crayons. How has he made different yellows?

    Draw your body and label it.

    Write a list of animals you would find in hot or cold places.

    Make a map of where you live.

    Write an animal fact file.

    Collect some leaves, paint them and print them onto paper. Do you know what the trees are called that they came from?

    Collect some sticks and use them to spell your name and make some numbers.

    Can you design a poster to persuade everyone in your house to recycle.

    Create a timeline from birth to the present day. How have you changed? What can you do now that you couldn't when you were a baby? What would you like to be able to do that you can't yet?


    Remember to use bug club, spelling shed, Purple Mash and Education City - logins are in planners.

    Keep busy and we will see you all soon.

    Below is a list of websites that you may find useful to look at to support your child's learning.

    Please be aware that these websites are external to the school and we are not responsible for their content or advertising.



    Top Marks - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/letters-and-sounds

    Top Marks – Learning to read. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/learning-to-read

    Letters and Sounds http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/


    General: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

    . https://www.educationquizzes.com/

    A site with both English and Maths quizzes that get marked as you go along.

    https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Interactive.aspx?cat=40 – Top Marks KS1 




    Reading: Love Reading 4 Kids. - https://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk/


    Access to 250 free e-books.

    Roald Dahl - https://www.roalddahl.com/

    Writing: https://alanpeat.com/free-resources/ -

    Alan Peat Story-writing tips http://www.storywrite.co.uk/writingtips.htm

    The Literacy Shed - https://www.literacyshed.com/



    Phonics play is a useful website to use and is offering a period of free access.






    Listening to your child read every day

    Read stories or information books with your child

    Join and use the library

    Help your child form letters correctly (are they starting and finishing the letter in the correct place?)


    Use the following websites to develop phonics skills:





    Mr Thorne Does Phonics – Ways of how to pronounce sounds



    How can you help?

    Practise counting objects up to and past 20.

    Practise making number bonds to 10

    Practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

    Practise writing numbers and checking they are the right way round!

     Bake using weighing scales

    Some websites that have fun maths games are: