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Homework Guidance


Governors and staff after discussion with parents have adopted the following approach to homework.  It is general guidance on what you can expect and you will find further detail  on your child's class page.

The Basics........

The most important way you can support the learning of your child is to listen to and encourage them to read and to support them to learn their basic Mathematical 'facts' and knowledge.

You can also support them with learning their phonics sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes) which is a key part of learning to read in the Early Years. As they progress through school this will develop so they will have spelling rules and lists to learn. Class teachers will provide information on how they expect you to support with this and information about how often and deadlines etc will be written in planners in Years 1 to 6.

Years 1 to 6 have a planner in which you will find the Mathematical expectations for the year that we expect your child to 'learn by heart'. You can also record when you have heard your child read and any comments you wish to make. We would hope you can do this at least three times a week. With older children you may want to ask your child about what they are reading and comment on their understanding. Class teachers can give you guidance on this if you contact them at school. They may also suggest websites and resources you can access.


We would ask you to look in your child's planner every evening as messages about homework or information about school and to sign it once a week so we know you have seen it.


Project Homework.......a chance to experiment and apply their learning........

Approximately half termly/termly your child will receive some information about 'project homework'. This will involve a choice or range of tasks/projects that can be completed over a longer period of time. This has been very successful over the last couple of years in motivating and engaging children to learn with their parents at home. We have seen some fabulous creations and written work from both children and dads, mums and carers. It can be as small scale or as large scale as you choose and teachers at school will happily give you guidance or support.

Originally the idea of project homework came about after a trial and research project with some of our partner schools. We believe it has been a success in enabling children to share and involve their dads, mums and carers in their learning. As always, we welcome your comments.