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Denholme Primary School

Happy Learners High Achievers

The Orchard


We are proud to have Designated Special Provision for children with autism as part of our school.  The children entering this class have had their autism and related difficulties identified through comprehensive assessments and consultations involving professionals and parents.  We call our provision 'The Orchard' including: Pear, Apple, Peach, Cherry and Plum rooms.  It is staffed by a teacher, a nursery nurse and 5 teaching assistants.


The staff working in the classes are trained to work with children with Special Educational Needs and have much experience in this field.  They work as a team and very closely with the children, parents and other professionals for the efficient and effective running of the class.  The staff also work within a wider school context, and the children take part in all appropriate school activities, including integrating into mainstream classes.


Integration of children from the DSP base is common in school and a vital part of that child's education.  The children follow the thematic programme of the main school and the staff take part in the planning cycle.  The teaching staff have curriculum responsibilties.


Around school, classrooms are autism friendly; including visual timetables, symbols and clear routines.  All staff in school wear symbols to help communication.  The school is clear about inclusion being central to its aims.