Laurel - Year 6


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                                                                                                  Teacher - Mrs Lane

            Supported by Mrs Cooper 


Welcome to Year 6 

Spring term


We will begin the spring term by completing our reading of Michael Morpurgo's unusual and moving story - The Giant's Necklace. As well as using our VIPER skills to read and unpick the text we will be writing newspaper reports and diary entries, based on the events in the story. We will then have a two week focus on creative story writing before starting The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. This book is ideal for comprehension practice as well as providing a variety of writing opportunities from descriptions to reports to character analysis.


Spellings will continue to be tested every two weeks and it is the children's responsibility to enter these into their planners and be ready for any class tests. We will start by re-visiting the key year 3/4 spelling lists before moving on to year 5/6 words and any new spelling rules.


We will first complete our work on fractions, moving from adding and subtracting to multiplying, dividing and finding fractions of amounts. Following a unit on geometry (coordinates and translating shapes) we will work on multiplying and dividing with decimals, finding percentages and then simple algebra.  Our skills focus for the year will be to improve and develop our problem solving and reasoning abilities.



Our Topic for this term is London. We will look at the geography and key landmarks of the modern city before going back in time to investigate London during the plague and the impact of World War 2 on the people and landscape of our capital.                                                          


Light and sight is our focus for the first half term.We will explore how light behaves, including light sources, reflections and shadows. In the second term we will be constructing simple series circuits- using these to help us answer questions about what happens when we use different components. The children will also be expected to represent simple circuits in diagrams using recognised symbols.


Our topic this term is networks- showing how computer networks connect people allowing them to share information and resources. We will look at how internet search engines work and create web pages. Work will be carried out to ensure the children use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.



During this term homework will continue to be from the SAT text books the

children have already been given. This work is marked in class on Wednesdays

and the next set given out, so it is important the children bring the books

into school on this day. I have made it clear to the children they can ask for

any help throughout the week before the work is due in. Planners also contain

the key arithmetic aspects children can work on to improve maths fluency, as

well as spelling lists.

We would encourage the children to develop and widen their reading 

choices, both fiction and non-fiction. The following web-sites support any 

reading the children carry out in school and during guided sessions

                      Bug Club

                      Reading Cloud -


P.E for Year 6 is Monday afternoon and where possible this term will take place outside,as the focus is games. It is really important the children have both indoor and outdoor kit ( see planner ) to allow them to take a full and active part in this important lesson.

If you do have any questions or concerns about how your child is progressing within the class; please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can place a message in your child's planner or send a message to the school office. Please ensure planners are signed over the weekend, ready for Monday morning.

I will be running maths booster sessions after school on a Tuesday and 

Thursday from 3.30 to 4.15 up to the Easter holidays. There will be no session

on Tuesday the 27th due to Parents' Evening.