Laurel - Year 6


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                                                                                                  Teacher - Mrs Lane

            Supported by Mrs Cooper. 


Welcome to Year 6 

Autumn term


We will start the new term reading several of the Dragonology series of books.The children will read a variety of reports aimed at educating the human race about these fascinating creatures. Having created their own dragon they will then write both a report and an explanation text detailing the habits and life cycle of their beasts. As well as looking carefully at the features of these texts we will focus on using expanded noun phrases, passive sentences and increasing our understanding of new vocabulary and more advanced punctuation. 

 Spellings will be tested every two weeks and it is the children's responsibility to enter these into their planners and be ready for any class tests. We will start by re-visiting the key year 3/4 spelling lists before moving on to year 5/6 words- all of these lists can be found in your children's planners. New rules will also be explicitly taught and the children encouraged to become more independent spellers and editors of their own work.


First step will be exploring place value in numbers up to ten million, followed by work on comparing, ordering and rounding larger numbers. We will then spend a large part of the term ensuring children are confident with the four written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each lesson will include reasoning and problem solving opportunities through individual, paired and group work. Morning starters will also focus on story problems.

Each term we will work on a specific year group key recall fact. For the first half term it is using multiplication and division facts.



Our Topic for this term is based around the rain forests of the world and the fantastic plants and animals within them. We begin by looking at the geographical location of these environments before researching what and who lives there. We will study the history of the rain forest people by looking at the Maya culture and then consider the future and role of these amazing places in the modern world. 


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Living things and their habitats provide links to our topic work. The children will think about how and why we classify living things including looking at the work of prominent scientists. We will investigate micro organisms and their role in medicine, food production and our own bodies.


Our topic this term is networks- showing how computer networks connect people allowing them to share information and resources. We will look at how internet search engines work and create web pages. Work will be carried out to ensure the children use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.



During this term homework will be project based and linked to the topic. For

the remainder of Year 6 homework is linked to the SAT test so this is a good

opportunity for the children to use their research skills and their


Planners also contain the key arithmetic aspects children can work on to

improve maths fluency, as well as spelling lists.

We would encourage the children to develop and widen their reading 

choices, both fiction and non-fiction. The following web-sites support any 

reading the children carry out in school and during guided sessions.

                      Bug Club

                      Reading Cloud -


P.E for Year 6 is Monday afternoon and where possible this term will take place outside,as the focus is games. It is really important the children have both indoor and outdoor kit ( see planner ) to allow them to take a full and active part in this important lesson.

If you do have any questions or concerns about how your child is progressing within the class; please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can place a message in your child's planner or send a message to the school office. Please ensure planners are signed over the weekend, ready for Monday morning.