Welcome to Beech Class!

Year 5


Class Teacher: Mrs Whitaker

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Clark


Spring Term 2018






In Maths this half term, we will be learning how to use formal written methods to multiply four digit numbers by two digit numbers and dividing up to 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. Children will then apply these skills to reasoning and word problems. In the latter part of the half term children will focus on fractions, including equivalent fractions, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and visa-versa, and comparing and ordering fractions.

The Key Instant Recall Fact we will be working on is knowing what a prime number is and being able to identify all prime numbers under 20.  

Children should continue to practise their times tables and these links will help with practising times-tables. 





You don't know how lucky you are. 

We will begin our new topic this half term which is based during the Industrial Revolution and will consider not only what it was and what the causes of it were, but also what it was like to live, as a child, during this time. Beech Class will investigate what differences there were in living conditions according to your wealth, what it was like to go to school and some of the most significant inventions of the era.

In English we will begin the half term analysing the narrative poem The Highwayman, looking at the language and imagery used. The children will then write elements of the story from different point's of view, including Bess's and Tim the Ostler's, before writing their own version of the poem. 

Later in the term, Street Child by Berlie Doherty, will be our main text. Through this novel, the class will study the workhouse and what it was like to live there, before reflecting on those who sought to improve conditions for children. 



Please ensure that you read regularly with your child at home and make a note in their planner.  It would be helpful if you encourage children to make predictions about the events and understand characters' feelings.  Spellings are sent home regularly with a test date attached.  Please encourage children to practise them in a variety of different ways - write the words in a sentence, write them as quickly as they can, draw an image for the words.

Please also regularly practise times-tables with your child. We focus on a different one each week. 

Project homework will be sent home half- termly.  This is a great opportunity to spend time with your child creating something they should be extremely proud of. Additional resources are available if needed.



 P.E & Swimming.

Children will need their full P.E. kit in school on a Monday. 


If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to get in touch. You can send a note in your child's planner or ring the school office. Please ensure planners are signed over the weekend ready for a Monday morning. 

Dates for your diary:

Swimming lessons will begin for Year 5 after the February half term.