Welcome to Willow Class!

Year 3


Class Teachers: Mrs Knighton and Miss Batool (Thursday)

Support Staff: Mrs Ley

Autumn 2


This half term we will be reading Escape from Pompeii.  The story is set in 117AD in the town of Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius first erupted.  Through the story we will learn about life at this time and the devastation that the eruption caused.  We will be writing setting descriptions, sections of stories from character's points of view and writing our own stories set in similar settings.  


This half term we will begin by using our mental addition and subtraction skills to solve problems, before moving on to formal written methods.  Once we are secure with our formal methods, we will explore how to unpick word problems and how to choose the appropriate method and operation to solve problems.  


We're starting this term with The Romans! Children will learn about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain at the time and the legacy it left us.  We will also learn about school life, family homes, Roman baths, mosaics and the Roman Army.  We will write letters of application to become Roman soliders, describe Roman homes and write diary entries as though we are a Roman child.


Miss Batool will teach Science this year. The topic this half term is Forces and Magnets. Children will observe how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others. We will compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they are attracted to a magnet, and identify some magnetic materials. We will also be comparing different objects and how they move on different surfaces. By the end of the unit, children will be able to recognise that some forces need contact between two objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance. 


This half term is a range of different team games. Our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday.  We will be doing P.E. inside and outside this half term.

 Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit on both Wednesday and Thursday



Homework will be topic based again this term and your child will be given 2-3 weeks to complete their project.  If you require any extra resources for their homework, please ask.


Please check planners for weekly spellings. They will be sent home on Monday to be tested the following Monday.

How can you help your child at home?

Your child should have a copy of their Maths Passports.  These passports are an indication of the mental maths facts your child is expected to know.  We will have time in class to work on these too. 

Please read with your child as often as possible.  Ask questions about the plot, characters and what they  think will happen.  Your child should also have a card with their username and password for access to BugClub which will be updated weekly.  You can support your child by helping them answers questions about the books.