Welcome to Willow Class!

Year 3


Class Teacher: Miss Wrightson

Support Staff: Mrs Ley, and Miss Shimbles.

Welcome back everybody!

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are ready for our busy term.



Sent out on 13/6/18        Test on 18/6/18










This term we are reading the classic tale of The Wind in the Willows. This follows the adventures of Mole, Ratty, Toad and Badger, working together to claim back Toad Hall. It is a joyful story filled with all aspects of friendship and fun. The children will be continuing to use the range of grammar skills learnt throughout the year such as prepositions, subordinate clauses and adverbs. Where we will write our own diary entries and an exciting new adventure for the animals.


This term we have a geometry focus looking at the different 2D and 3D  shapes. The children will learn the different types of lines and be able to identify these alongside the 3 different types of angles, acute, obtuse and a right angle. Whilst creating art work to support this learning.


This term we are close to home. Our focus is on the local area Denholme! This will bring together everything they already know about Denholme and add to their existing knowledge. We will focus mainly on the geographical side, by using maps and identifying the physical and human features of Denholme.


Our Science topic is plants, seeds and flowers. We will be growing this term! Planting our own flowers and adding to our gardens in the playground. We will be conducting experiments and finding the best place to grow a plant. Whilst learning each part of a flower and it's role within the plant. 



This half term is a range of different team games. Our P.E. days are Thursday and Friday.  We will be doing P.E. inside and outside this half term.

 Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit on both Thursday and Friday.



Homework will be topic based again this term and your child will be given 2-3 weeks to complete their project.  If you require any extra resources for their homework, please ask.


Please check planners for weekly spellings.

How can you help your child at home?

Your child should have a copy of their Maths Passports.  These passports are an indication of the mental maths facts your child is expected to know.  We will have time in class to work on these too. 

Please read with your child as often as possible.  Ask questions about the plot, characters and what they  think will happen.  Your child should also have a card with their username and password for access to BugClub which will be updated weekly.  You can support your child by helping them answers questions about the books.