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 Why is attendance so important?


While children are in school they are engaged in learning.  If your child misses a day at school they have missed a day's learning.  One day doesn't matter?  Yes it does!  While your child was not in school the other children in their class learnt something that your child didn't.  This means that when your child comes back into class they have to catch up on what they have missed out on.  Your child has missed out on the shared experience of that learning.


The more time your child has out of school the greater the impact on their learning and the harder it is for them emotionally to come to school.

Did you have enough sleep last night?


Did your children have enough sleep last night?

How much is enough?  



A study found that only 10% of primary aged children get the recommended 10 - 11 hours of sleep per night.


Two thirds of children experienced "frequent sleep problems", which included difficulties falling asleep, sleepiness during the day, trouble breathing whilst asleep and having difficulty waking up in the mornings (a sign that children need more sleep).


Do you have an evening routine?  The most effective way of getting enough sleep is by having an evening routine.  It can be different at weekends to school nights, but it's still important to have a routine.


The last hour before sleep should be quieter than the rest of the day. The television, phone and computer should be turned off.  We should get warm, comfortable and relaxed.


The time we go to bed should be controlled by the time that we need to get up.

Studies have shown that there can be a link between not having enough sleep and obesity.  We eat more than our bodies need to compensate for not having slept enough.


Did you have enough sleep last night?


Did you have breakfast today?


Not only do we require sleep but we also need sustenance.  Our brains need food and water to work to their full potential.  A child needs to have had a drink and something to eat before they get into the classroom.  A lot of people will say, "Oh, we don't have enough time for breakfast!"


If you have put the bedtime routine in place then there should be enough time for breakfast.  It's all part of the same plan.  No one said it would be easy but once you have established the routine you and the children will get used to it.  You will find that if the children have had enough sleep they will get up in a far better frame of mind.  Mornings won't be the struggle they used to be!  The walk to school will be a far better experience than it used to be.