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Phonics in Reception Class

The children will learn phase 2 phonics at the start of Reception. The children are beginning to bring flashcards home to practise with their adults. Below is a link to a video which will help you to support your children's phonics at home.


Key vocabulary

Below is a list of key vocabulary that the children will learn during their phonics lessons over their time in Reception class. 

Phoneme: another word for a sound in a word.  A phoneme can be made up of one or more letters.

Grapheme: The letter or letters that are used to write a phoneme.

Digraph: A two letter grapheme where two letters represent one phoneme or sound.

Trigraph: A three letter grapheme where three letters represent one phoneme or sound.

Blending: Building words for reading by pushing together all the phonemes or sounds in the word.

Segmenting: Splitting up words for spelling by breaking up words into all their sounds.

Letter name: the name we give the letter when we say the alphabet.   


Flash cards

New flash cards are given out on a Friday. Please remember to put your child’s flash card wallet back in to their bag so the cards can be put into them on a Friday.

A few ideas of things you can do with your child when using the flash cards:

  • Practise phonemes.