In judging how well we are doing as a school we must consider STANDARDS and PROGRESS.

Standards are a measure of what level a child is at and progress is how they have improved since entering the school or a key stage or a class.

The Government publish School Performance Tables every year in December. This allows you to see how well we are doing compared to other schools Nationally or in Bradford for any subject. There is a link below but we have also put the key figures in a table for you.


Congratulations to all our Year 6 pupils (2014/15) for all their hard work and for achieving such excellent results. 



   Denholme Primary  National
Level 4 (expected level/standard) in Reading, Writing and Maths 75% 80%
 Expected progress (2 levels from KS1/Y2) Reading  85% 91%
 Expected progress (2 levels from KS1/Y2) Writing  89% 94% 
 Expected progress (2 Levels progress from KS1/Y2) Maths 89%  90%
 Level 5 (above expected level/standard) in Reading  50%  48%
 Level 5 (above expected level/standard) in Writing 39%  36%
 Level 5 (above expected level/standard) in Maths 43%  41%