Oak Class

 Class Teacher: Mrs Pierce
Nursery Nurse (Mon-Thur): Miss Riley  
(Fri am): Mrs Heald

Teaching Assistant: Miss Rusch (Thurs/Fri pm)

Summer 1

Welcome back! We hope you have had a relaxing Easter break!

Our new topic is 'Spring has Sprung'.  We will be investigating the changes that occur at this time of year and learning about life cycles, especially those of frogs and bean plants.  The children will be finding out about seeds and plants and we will be opening our own garden centre in the classroom!  We will also be thinking about ways to stay healthy, with a focus on healthy eating.


Linked to our topic, the focus stories this half term will include Ferdie's Springtime Blossom, Jasper's Beanstalk, Oliver's Vegetables and The Enormous Turnip.

Please take a look at our topic web and the detailed information below to find out more about the experiences and learning we have planned.

Important dates:

(to follow)


A selection of photographs showing some of our recent experiences:




In phonics we have now covered ALL the phonemes (sounds) that children need to know in Reception class.  This half term we will be practicing everything we have covered so far and begin to read and write longer (2/3 syllable) words and words with adjacent consonants. We will continue to learn to read and spell tricky words and practice reading and writing words and sentences. There will be more emphasis on applying what we know independently.


We will be retelling stories using puppets, story maps and role play.  

In our written work the focus this half term is for the children to write a simple sentence that the adults in class can read and also that they can read back to us. We will be having a go at writing labels, instructions, recounts, signs and lists.  We will also be having a go at re-writing stories we are familiar with.

We will be encouraging the children to make predictions and inferences and to offer their opinions on characters in the stories we read.


This half term we will be continuing to count, recognise, order and write numbers to 20 at every opportunity. We will be solving practical problems involving doubling, halving and sharing.   We will be using coins in our role play and measuring and comparing our bean plants.


Our PE day is Friday.  Can you please make sure your child has their full indoor PE kit on their peg. Please name all items of PE kit.



Children will spend time in our outdoor classroom everyday.  Please make sure that your child has appropriate clothes for outdoor play - warm clothes for the winter, waterproof coats for the rain and a sunhat (and sun cream) in the summer.


At home, please try and hear your child read every day, even if it just a couple of pages. Alternatively you could practice their tricky words, phonics flashcards or cursive writing.  Little and often is the best approach, rather than trying to get your child to read a whole book when they are not in the mood!  


Tropical World - 29th January 2018

Reception class visited Tropical World to experience first-hand some of the animals we have been learning about this half term.  The children were amazing and should be very proud of themselves.  Thank you to the team of parent volunteers who gave up their time to help out on the day!


Autumn Walk at St Ives - 7th November 2017

We had a great time at St Ives, thank you to everyone who helped out.  The children had a great first hand experience of autumnal change and had lots of fun on the playground!


If you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of staff when you drop off or collect your child and we will do our very best to help.

 Thank you!
The Reception Team