Welcome to Beech Class!

Year 5

Class Teacher: Mrs Knighton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Clark


Summer Term 2


This half term we are going to begin by reading a range of debates and arguments, before studying the various grammar skills we will need to be able to form our own argument or debate.  We will hold discussions in class as well as learn to use emotive language and present our opinions as facts.  We are going to read Journey to Jo'Burg alongside this unit of work as it has great opportunities for debates and raises the issue of Apartheid.  



We are continuing a unit on Fractions, Percentages and Decimals this half term.  We are learning to read and write decimal numbers as fractions, recognise and use thousandths and relate them to tenths, hundredths and decimal equivalent.  We'll also learn to round decimals to the nearest whole and to one decimal place and order and compare numbers with up to three decimal places.  Following this, we will understand the per cent symbol and understand the per cent relates to 'number of parts per hundred', and write percentages as a faction with denominator 100, and as a decimal.  To finish this meaty unit, we'll solve some word problems relating to the skills we have learnt.



The Industrial Revolution

In this unit, we are going to look closely at what changed in Britain in the 18th Century and why the changes occurred.  We will look at the positives and negatives about the changes and begin to write a balanced argument.  Our trip to the Industrial Museum will inspire us to create a make things 'the old fashioned way'.  Alongside this, we will explore how the Industrial Revolution changed Bradford and the surrounding areas.



Changes of Matter

In this unit, we will learn about different materials, their uses and their properties, as well as
dissolving, separating mixtures and irreversible changes. We will sort and classify objects according to their properties. We will explore the properties of materials to find the most suitable material for different purposes. We will have lots of opportunities to work in a hands-on way to explore dissolving, identifying the different variables in their own investigations. We'll also find out about different ways to separate mixtures of materials, using filtering, sieving and evaporating. Finally, we will learn about irreversible changes, and participate in two exciting investigations to create new materials, including casein plastic and carbon dioxide.



Please ensure that you read regularly with your child at home and make a note in their planner.  It would be helpful if you encourage children to make predictions about the events and understand characters' feelings.  Spellings are sent home regularly with a test date attached.  Please encourage children to practise them in a variety of different ways - write the words in a sentence, write them as quickly as they can, draw an image for the words.

The Year 5 Maths Passport skills are printed in planners.  Children know what their targets are and are familiar with games and activities they can do to learn them.

Project homework will be sent home termly.  This is a great opportunity to spend time with your child creating something they should be extremely proud of. Additional resources are available if needed.

Our amazing trip to Robinwood!